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Springboard is back again! And we’re looking for performers.

Springboard is a space for neurodivergent performers of all kinds to share their work, experiment and try out new ideas in front of a friendly and supportive crowd, and for audiences to kick back, have a drink or two and enjoy a night of exciting performance in an accessible and inclusive environment - all whilst supporting and celebrating neurodiversity in the arts.

Springboard launched in November 2018, and after two successful events it’s back for a third edition on Thursday 8 August at 504. You can read about the previous events on our blog.

We’re looking for neurodivergent performers

You can do anything you like - sing a song or two, perform a monologue, play music, try out a new theatre piece, read poetry, do some stand-up comedy or anything else - as long as it fits into a 10 minute slot! Check out the programmes from our previous events below to see what performers have done before.

If you have a piece of writing that you’d like to share but would prefer not to perform it yourself, we can arrange for someone else to perform it for you. All performers will receive a contribution of £15.

If you’d like to perform or have something performed, please email hello@mainspringarts.org.uk, telling us a bit about yourself and what you’d like to perform, by Friday 12 July 2019. Performance slots are limited, but we will try to fit in as many as we can!

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