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The very first Springboard was a huge success - thanks so much to all the performers and audience members who made it so wonderful! You can read about how it went in this blog post by our resident blogger Zoe, who also performed on the night.

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Serena Flynn - Prune

Serena Flynn is a Lecoq-trained performer and theatre-maker specialising in Bouffon clown and devising. Serena makes work that is feminist, provocative and informed by the notion of the grotesque female.

JD Scott - Poems and limericks

I once knew a poet, JD,

Who was diagnosed with ASD.

Although a disorder,

They loved seeing order,

Which sounds rather baffling to me.

Dom Prag - Two original songs

Dom Prag is a Southampton-based singer-songwriter whose work blends poetry, traditional folk music and classical guitar to create a complex, raw sound. His songs are stories, folk tales, love letters - joyous, hopeful and heart-breaking in equal measure.

Theodora van der Beek - Work-in-progress extract from Drink Your Pink

Theodora van der Beek makes performances that unpack the idea of a clear gender binary and explore the mechanics of power and privilege. Drink Your Pink is the story of a Youtuber princess locked in a tower in a world of pink, the only colour she has ever known. The show mixes classical references from Greek mythology and fairytales with the modern world of beauty pageants, pop music and #MeToo.

Richard Baskett - Extract from Ike’s Scrapyard Escape

After being inspired by his favourite kids’ TV shows from the 90s, and their humour, love and enchantment, Richard wanted to do the same thing they do by writing his own stories - so he took a two-year writing course at the Orpheus Centre in Godstone and learnt how to write stories properly.

Zoe Vail - Can’t Give Up the Day Job

A muddling dreamer with a serious addiction to secondhand books and coffee, Zoe drags up two children she occasionally admits are hers and is stubbornly in pursuit of all the right answers*. In the last year, Zoe's written a short play and performed poetry once but this is her first venture into comedy. She can't give up the day job yet...!

*She can't promise any answers in her performance.

Bity Booker - Three original songs

Bity Booker is a folk singer and songwriter based in London. She performs original songs, folk songs and protest songs. Bity grew up in the countryside in a house with many animals including ‘Dodo’ the crow, ‘Freddy’ the fox, and ‘Willy’ the hedgehog. This strong connection with nature has had a peculiar influence in her songwriting. Be prepared to delve deep into Bity Booker’s musical world and listen to fantastic stories inspired by nature and animals, each song a character with a timeless personality and melody.

Hermione Cameron - Recipe for Being a Woman

Hermione Cameron is currently based in London, having completed a masters in Creative and Life Writing at Goldsmiths University. Her debut poetry collection, Recipe for Being a Woman (published by Ampersand) focuses on the connection between identity, femininity and mental illness. It includes the poem Not Always Grey, which was shortlisted for the 2017 Bridport Prize.