Who we are


Mainspring Arts was founded in 2015 by Katya Balen and Miranda Prag. We were frustrated by the lack of diversity in the arts - for example, neurotypical and non-disabled actors or writers frequently assume the roles or voices of neurodivergent people, or those with disabilities. We think those people should be able to tell their own stories, and Mainspring Arts exists to help them do it.



Katya is a children's author with a special interest in the effect of literature on the behaviour of children on the autism spectrum. She has ten years’ experience of working with children and adults with disabilities. She loves books (of course!), baking, knitting and trying to persuade her lazy rescue dog to go for a walk.





Miranda is a theatre maker and freelance writer with experience of planning and delivering a diverse range of theatre and arts-related projects. She loves theatre, cycling, surfing and writing short biographies about herself.






Raffi is Mainspring Arts' resident hound. He is a greyhound cross who enjoys Dentastix, taking up entire sofas and plotting the demise of the neighbourhood cats. He attends Square Peg Stories workshops where he provides a listening ear and some great analytical feedback.