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Springboard is a platform for neurodivergent performers of all kinds to share their work, experiment and try out new ideas in front of a friendly and supportive crowd, and for audiences to enjoy a night of exciting performance in an accessible and inclusive space - all whilst supporting and celebrating neurodiversity in the arts.

Springboard launched in November 2018, and after three successful events it’s back for a fourth edition on Thursday 19 December at 504. You can read about some of our previous events on our blog.

Entry to the event is pay-what-you-can, and we’ll publish a social story on our website in advance so our performers and audience know what to expect. We’ll also have ear defenders available on the night for anyone who wants to lower the sound levels a bit.

We’re looking for neurodivergent performers

We’re looking for neurodivergent performers to take part. If you’ve got a piece of work to share, an idea to experiment with or want to try something out for the first time, we want to hear from you!

You can do anything you like - as long as it fits into a 10 minute slot. At past events we’ve had electronic musicians, performance artists, comedians, folk singers, dance artists, poets and more. If you’ve written something but would prefer not to perform it yourself, we can arrange someone to perform it for you. Check out the previous events at the bottom of this page to see the amazing variety of acts we’ve had!

We usually have time for 8-10 acts. All acts will receive a £15 contribution to help cover travel and other expenses. 

You’re welcome to apply if you’ve performed at Springboard before. However, we’d like to offer the opportunity to as many people as possible, so we’ll prioritise new applicants. If we have slots available after selecting new applicants, we’ll choose from previous performers. If we’ve had three or more events since you last performed, we’ll treat you as a new applicant.

How to apply

To apply, please fill in the application form below and return it to hello@mainspringarts.org.uk by Friday 22nd November. 

If you’d like the form in a different format, need help completing it or have any questions at all, just drop us an email at the address above.

Previous events