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Springboard is a space for performers of all kinds to share their work, experiment and try out new ideas in front of a friendly and supportive crowd, and for audiences to kick back, have a drink or two and enjoy a night of exciting performance - all whilst supporting and celebrating neurodiversity in the arts.


Robyn Steward - Soundscapes

Robyn Steward runs Robyn’s rocket, an inclusive conscience gig at café OTO in east London (www.robynsrocket.com). She plays trumpet through guitar pedals and has lots of colorations. She is a Heart n Soul artist (www.heartnsoul.co.uk) who believe in the power and talents of people with learning disabilities and autistic people.

The act: Robyn will be playing some soothing and relaxing soundscapes as you arrive and mingle.

Elinor Rowlands - The Forest is Where She Lay Her Head/Secrets in the Centrefold

Elinor (fRSA) creates art and writes daily according to her triggers and sensory overload. She has found refuge in artmaking from as young as three. Her work is palimpsestuous, dreamy world building and tells of invisibility challenges from an unflinchingly female gaze.

The act: Sensory Overload distresses me. Misunderstood, I’m perceived as ‘wrong’ or rude. After meltdown, I’m in bed for days with exhaustion. If rendered non-verbal; I paint. When my voice returns, I verbally record streams of unconsciousness. Images/sensations are experienced vividly (usually added to film alongside music.) For this performance, they will be read out.

Marzia - The ABC of Well-being

Marzia is a queer 30-year-old academic and poet writing and performing in Italian, English, and Britalian. Her prose, verses and contributions on literature, feminism, and queerness have appeared on radio, in print and online. She is a bi+ antifa grrrl based in between Rome, Oxford and the internet.

The act: The first three poems of a series addressing multiple diagnoses that impacted my life and those of people around me. The series aims to explore poetry as coping mechanism but also, and foremost, poetry as a way to identify, name and embrace neurodiversity.

Disa Andersen - Two poems

Disa Andersen is an Icelandic actor and writer based in London. She trained at the Arts University Of Bournemouth where she graduated with a BA (Hons) in Acting. Disa recently published a poetry collection called 365 Cups Of Tasteless Coffee, available online and in selected stores, about love, heartbreak and immigration culture.

The act: I will perform a reading of two poems from 365 Cups Of Tasteless Coffee.

Zoe Vail - Neuro-perverse

Two thirds exhausted and one fifth caffeine addicted, Zoe’s standing at a busy intersection: what’s life like when you’re neuro-perverse?

The act: Digging deep into her strange family life, Zoe’s going to exercise her right to be stupid, to be clever and cathartically swear.

Hosanna Johnson - Hosanna

I watched the first show here a few months ago and the audience was lovely, and the acts were so unique. I thought that I could perform here too. I’ve never done stand up before, but it should be funny, I think it is, I’m hoping you’ll agree.

The act: I will do some stand up comedy and showcase some of my small talents. I can juggle and a few other things.

Bity Booker - Two songs with guitar

Bity grew up in the countryside in a house with many animals, including Dodo the crow, Freddy the fox and Willy the hedgehog. This strong connection with nature has had a peculiar influence in her songwriting.

The act: Bity will perform two original songs with guitar and voice

Áine Reynolds - Notes to Self

Áine is a female identified performer, from Cornwall and based in London. She studied at London Contemporary Dance School, during which time she became passionate about improvised performance, making noise and making nonsense. Áine is a member of girl movement band The Yonis and is excited to wildly dance the patriarchy out of business.

The act: For the first time this Thursday, I’m talking to myself, again! It’s a sketch made up of things that I have said, slurred, sung and sent to myself via Facebook messenger voice notes. It’s a remix of the past, the personal and the pointless.This is a very first try. Your feedback is very welcome!

Mykadelica - Electronic Soundscape

Mykadelica is an experimental electronic musician and illustrator who has over 10 years experience playing live and DJing in and around the London area. He is interested in live sampling as well as music, and is currently learning how to make his own electronic instruments.

The act: A sonic journey through a synthetic atmosphere - the aim is to feel like you were in the middle of a storm, without any of the cold or wetness! As the storm dies away the sun appears, leading to a bright and positive ending. Probably best listened to with your eyes closed.