Springboard No. 2: An evening in pictures

Our second Springboard event was once again a huge success. Thanks so much to everyone who came along, and to the performers for sharing their wonderful work with us.

Our lovely venue 504 provided the perfect cosy backdrop to an evening of brilliant neurodiverse performance, featuring poetry, dance, comedy, folk music and electronic soundscapes.

Here’s the evening in pictures…


Volunteer-on-the-door Morgan demonstrates our cutting edge coloured sticker system - wear one if you’d rather not take part in audience participation! We also had ear defenders available for anyone who wanted them.


Robyn Steward plays soothing and relaxing soundscapes on trumpet through FX pedals as the audience arrives.

Robyn also runs Robyn’s Rocket, an inclusive music event at Cafe OTO in Dalston - check it out!


Elinor Rowlands performs The Forest is Where She Lay Her Head/Secrets in the Centrefold - stream of unconsciousness poems recorded in response to sensory overload.


Marzia performs The ABC of Wellbeing - the first three poems of a series addressing multiple diagnoses that impacted her life and those of people around her. The series explores poetry as coping mechanism but also, and foremost, poetry as a way to identify, name and embrace neurodiversity.


Disa Andersen performs two poems from her recently published collection, 365 Cups of Tasteless Coffee, which is about love, heartbreak and immigration culture.


Hosanna Johnson juggles as part of a hilarious comedy set - it was her first time doing stand up and she absolutely nailed it!


Springboard regular (she’s performed at all two events!) Bity Booker performs original songs influenced by her love of animals and connection with nature.


Áine Reynolds performs Notes to Self - an improvised sketch combining dance with spoken text made up of things she’s said, slurred, sung and sent to herself via voice notes. A remix of the past, the personal and the pointless.


Mykadelica takes us on a sonic journey through a synthetic atmosphere in the middle of a storm. As the storm dies away the sun appears, leading to a bright and positive ending. Best listened to with your eyes closed!

Springboard will be back for a third edition on Thursday 8 August - and we’re looking for performers! Find out more here.